Martin Eriksson, TimeApp, in London

They say that everything in life is a coincidence. Whoever they are, they are absolutely right. TimeApp was never a planned business strategy. It is all the result of a happy coincidence. Back in 2010, our company consisted of three employees and our main focus was consulting (IT, PR and media) and editorial-related projects. As a consultant, keeping track of time and expenses is crucial, therefore (and after rejecting several stale versions of client based time tracking software) we decided to develop our own solution to better manage these tasks; TimeApp.

TimeApp began to grow. A lot. In fact, it grew so much that we had to pump the brakes in late 2012 and undertake the monstrous task of rewriting the entire code base for TimeApp. This was, of course, a major disruption for the entire company, but today we’re really glad that we took the time (almost a year, actually) to rewrite the code. The result of our efforts is a product that is capable of anything we might throw at it in the future. Everything is modular, scalable, localizable and easy-to-maintain.

Sometime in the middle of 2014, we decided to investigate the possibilities of making TimeApp available for users outside of Sweden. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, TimeApp employs 10 people – located in both Sweden and the UK. The HQ for our company is still in Sweden but the company language has now shifted from Swedish to bad English, or business English as it is also called.

We’ve seen some terrific growth for our product over the last 18 months. Revenue has increased by over 400 percent and the number of users is soon to hit 5 digits. During last year we signed a big partnership with Dustin Group – one of the leading Nordic resellers of IT products and additional services to companies, the public sector and private individuals.

I’d also like you to be a part of our forthcoming journey – sign up for a TimeApp account today.