Whether you own a large transportation company with your own fleet of vehicles or a small company with a couple of private cars, experience shows the key to success is keeping track of time and money.

We at P&KTimeApp developed a feature to help you track mileage and actually save your time and money.

As you can see in our video tutorial, it is easy to keep your mileage log within TimeApp’s online system. You simply create a new trip, choose the customer and the project. You insert the price per kilometre and the vehicle you are using if these two options are not preprogrammed. After you add the address of your starting and finishing point, you can easily get a report of your trip.

However, TimeApp takes it even further. By using TimeApp for iOS or Android you can track mileage directly from your car. If GPS function is enabled on your device, the only thing you need to do is to fetch your nearest address by GPS and note down your mileage for start and end locations. TimeApp takes care of the rest.

With our code system you can save your frequently-used vehicles and addresses so that you can re-use them in future mileage logs, as well as specify a price per unit travelled (for example; £0.5 per mile).

Tracking mileage in TimeApp is fully integrated with all the other features. This allows you to import the mileage log – with or without time logs and expenses – as line-item on a new invoice by a simple click on a button. At the same time TimeApp can generate reports of trips per client, project or users and export them to your preferred format; PDF, Excel, HTML or CSV.

This feature is, as all the other TimeApp features, included in both freemium and paid model. Sign up here, use your 30-day free trial and add as many users as you want, and help us to help you save money and time.