Track Mileage On The Go

In many time tracking systems you can track time and expenses. While this is all good and perhaps enough for many users out there, TimeApp takes it even further by offering the ability to track distance travelled by vehicle.
Mileage Tracking
You can easily track mileage from your car by using TimeApp for iOS/Android. Simply fetch your nearest address by GPS and note down your mileage for start and end locations. TimeApp takes care of the rest.
Codes, Cars and Routes
As with the time tracking in TimeApp, tracking mileage also relies on the use of codes. Codes enable you to specify a price per unit travelled (for example; $ 0.5 per mile). For a quick and painless tracking process you can save your frequently-used cars and addresses so that you can re-use them in future mileage logs.
Integrated with Invoicing
At the click of a button your mileage logs are instantly imported as line-items on a new invoice. As fast, as it is simple. On the same invoice you can also choose to include time logs and expenses.
Trip Reports
You can easily generate reports of trips per client, project or users and export them to your preferred format; PDF, Excel, HTML or CSV.