Invoice your Clients in Seconds

It is fast. It is automatic. It is powerful yet flexible. It is a modern way of creating invoices and it is all included in TimeApp.
Import Time, Expenses, Mileage and Articles
Choose your client, click import data and you will have an automated invoice with all the data you have tracked on the client over a period of time. All data (e.g. time logs, expenses etc) will be marked as invoiced and allow you to keep track of what has been invoiced and what has not. You can also add additional line items to the invoice manually. Flexible and simple. Just the way it should be!
Deliver your Invoices by Email
From the invoice page in TimeApp you can easily send invoices to your clients by email. The invoice will be attached to the email as a PDF along with a message. You can also download the invoice as PDF to deliver it in other ways, such as, by post or another email system.
Keep Track of Payments
It is important to know which invoices have been paid and which ones are still due. TimeApp assists you in this task by offering the ability to log payments – full or partial. You can also send out reminders for invoices that are overdue.
What Has Been Done and by Whom
Get a detailed log of events for each invoice that you have created. By events we mean details like who created the invoice, who sent it, are there any comments attached to it etc. Pretty much every action you make on your invoices is discreetly logged. This is perfect for a multi-user environment and helps to keep administration organized and accurate.