Collaborate and Share

At TimeApp we believe in collaboration and sharing. Social media has reinvented how we communicate with each other and shown us that there are great benefits to be had by using social networks. Contact your peers for help and assistance, share your ideas and harvest the fruit of collaboration. All in TimeApp and only for you and your colleagues; TimeBook.
TimeBook – your own Social Network
TimeBook is your company’s own social network. It is available for all TimeApp-users within your organization and allows them to communicate and share in a simple, yet powerful way.
Upload Links and Images
TimeBook allows users to share messages, links and images with other users. For example, you could upload a sketch and let others comment on it. Or you could post a message explaining why Fringe is so much better than Breaking Bad. The number of uses is only limited to your imagination. Sounds like a cliché, but in this case it is very true.
Internal Messaging
While TimeBook is open and accessible to all users within your organization, there are situations where a more restricted way of communication is preferred. This can be achieved by the internal messaging system in TimeApp, send private messages to single users or groups of users.
TimeBook Activity Log
Take the pulse of what is going on within your organization. For each action a user takes, a new event is displayed in TimeBook. This results in a quick and easy way for you to see what is going on at that moment. What are your teammates working on? Which clients are they tracking time on? These and more questions are answered by using the optional TimeBook Activity Log.