Track Time, Expenses and Articles

TimeApp enables you and your colleagues to easily track time, expenses and articles related to Clients and Projects.
Clients and Projects
Manage unlimited clients and projects. Add comments and upload documents and files to keep your business organized. Generate detailed reports and stay on track with the built-in budget tools.
Codes and Articles
By using the TimeApp Code-system you can easily specify and track all possible types of work you do for your clients. Or, why not use articles to track expenses and costs. You can easily import hundreds of thousands of articles to your TimeApp article database.
Mobile Access
TimeApp is wherever you are. Whether you are on the go or stationed at the office – you can always track time and keep in touch with colleagues and team members with TimeApp for iOS and Android. Read more about the apps.
Time Log Approval
Submit your time logs for approval. Helps to keep track of team progress and assures data remains untouched over time.
Punchclock with GPS
The punchclock in TimeApp is perfect for logging internal time. In addition, those who use the punchclock in their mobile app, can choose to send along their geographical position when they punch in and out.