Social networks have changed our lives. It has reinvented how we communicate with each other; what used to be pure fun in the beginning, developed into a utility and a necessity in the last couple of years. However, social networks are characterised by “Be Friend with Everyone, Share Everything” model; something that hardly fits for any business communication. Even as an individual, you don’t always want to share everything with everyone; you want to keep at least some privacy.

This is why the evolution of social networks is focusing on the so called social circles; places where you can share what you want with selected groups of people. After all, if you are having a party, you don’t want to invite all you Facebook friends, do you?

Since the launch of TimeApp, we have worked on improving our own internal communication led us to develop the TimeBook, one of the features included in our system.

To simplify things, let’s just say that TimeBook is your company’s own social network. It is available for all TimeApp-users within your organisation and allows them to communicate and share in a simple, yet powerful way.

TimeBook allows you to share messages, links and images with other users. For example, you could upload a sketch and let others comment on it. Or you could post a message explaining why Fringe is so much better than Breaking Bad. The number of users is only limited to your imagination. Sounds like a cliché, but in this case it is very true.

It also provides you with more restricted way of communication, if preferred. Through TimeApp’s internal messaging system you can send private messages to single users or selected groups of users. What’s more, for each action a user takes, a new event is displayed in TimeBook, which results in a quick and easy way to see what is going on at that moment.