On 1 October the TimeApp family grew with two additional skilled employees. Josefin Nässlander, who previously worked as an editorial secretary at the trade magazine Screen&Marknaden, assumed the role of Marketing Coordinator. Josefin will ensure that we expand our reach and will be working actively to strengthen the brand and spread awareness about TimeApp in both the Swedish and international markets. An important part of her job is also to keep our phenomenal TimeApp users updated about product news and what’s happening within the company.

Tarik Basic, who has a degree in rhetoric and communication from Örebro University, will be one of our friendly faces outward. His duties are mainly to work with customer visits, trade fairs, events and general promotional activities for TimeApp.

– Both Josefin and Tarik bring experience and knowledge that will contribute to the continued strong expansion of TimeApp, says Martin Eriksson, Vice President and Sales Manager for TimeApp.
– We have always been good at technology and development, and now we’ll get better at communication and branding.

You will be able to read more about both Josefin and Tarik on our blog in the future. We wish them a warm welcome to TimeApp!

Josefin Nässlander - TimeApp Tarik Basic - TimeApp
Josefin Nässlander and Tarik Basic