Three years ago, in a little Swedish town south of Stockholm, two young men started developing what would become one of the most effective, flexible and smartest timetracking systems on the Swedish market; Originally, the idea was to give companies the possibility to take control over time, trips, material, costs and expenses. It turned into a web-based system for computers and smartphones, simplifying account management. Invaluable to users for keeping tabs on their time and costs: enabling companies to control what each project or activity costs, what is to be charged to clients, budget and time management.

Detailed information = detailed reports
TimeApp can also manage invoicing, salary details and mileage logs. The more detailed information the user can submit, the more detailed the reports and diagrams can be produced. The system is also invaluable internally with an internal mailing system and social forum: TimeBook, where the logged-in users in TimeApp can communicate in real-time.

Continuing success
The time tracking system TimeApp is suitable for all types of companies, including small, industrial to consultancy, from craftsmen to lawyers. All types of businesses can use TimeApp. Due to the flexibility, user-friendliness and smart solutions the system has quickly gained popularity in both public and private sectors. (Swedish site) has been adapted for the international market. Some national features have been scaled down while others have been reinforced, among others, in the form of a wiki-support. The international English version of TimeApp is simply called It will be available on the web and the most common platforms for apps e.g. App Store and Google Play. So, the dream of two young Swedes three years ago in a small town has become a success that is now making its international debut: – ready to take on global business time tracking – smarter and more cost effectively.