In just over a year we’ve managed to get users from all over the world. TimeApp is appreciated for its simplicity and its many useful functions.
One of the fundamental ideas of our concept is to make TimeApp as optimal, user-friendly and simple as possible. That’s why we now have equipped our punch clock with a QR-scanner that enables users to punch in and out by simply scanning a QR-code with our apps for iOS and Android.

– We’ve been working on this feature for some time and we know it has been in high-demand from our users. Therefore it feels very good that it is finally available in our apps, says Martin Eriksson, Vice President and Sales Manager at P&K TimeApp AB.

How it works;
First, you simply print a unique QR-code via TimeApp by going to the section Registry. From there, click on the sub-menu option Workplaces and then click on the specific workplace that you wish to generate a QR-code for. There is now a link called “Print QR-code for punching in and out”.

When the QR-code is printed, you can for example put it up next to the current workplace, tentatively at the door, entrance or other common space. A good idea might be to laminate it to increase durability. Your employees will then be able to punch in by scanning the QR-code using or apps for Android and iOS, which also have GPS-features available.