During the last couple of months we have been working on two new major features for TimeApp which we are proud to announce; Orders and Punch-clock.

This feature allows you to track the time worked by employees, mostly used for internal logging with support for multiple workplaces including geo-positioning – if enabled.

Any company with employees out in the field probably have some sort of records of what jobs needs to be done, but also what jobs are currently being worked on. This is where TimeApp orders come in handy. A manager or project leader may create orders for jobs that needs to be done. These orders can be queued for any employee to “pick” but can also have predefined delegates.Each order may also have file attachments, so that pictures and documents can be stored with it. When an order is completed it can also be signed, which allows for an end customer to verify a job well done.

A helping hand:
One of the more requested features has been to create time/mileage logs for other users. This is now available from the “All time logs” / ”All mileage logs” sub-sections after selecting a specific user in the filtering option.

Last but not least:
We are changing to a new payment service provider; PayEx. With a good track record with our swedish customers this PSP allows for easier subscription management and a better overview.