Running a business that is both efficient and sustainable is a big challenge, so being well organised is key to success. Obviously, having TimeApp by your side helps; you can simplify all aspects of your work – we are dedicated to our goal; to save your time and money.

We keep saying that TimeApp is a perfect tool for lawyers, consultants, craftsmen and every other line of business where the need to track time and expenses is crucial. But, what we are especially proud of is how simple TimeApp is to use.

We know how important is your time is, so we listened for your feedback and decided to create a short guide that will explain the most important functions of TimeApp. All you have to do is to go to and try a demo account. There is no signup or email required – just type your name and explore all the possibilities of TimeApp.

The guide explains how to register clients and projects, how to create codes or use the control panel. You can learn how to use the punch-clock, time logging and its statistics, as well as mileage logs and invoicing system; all this in just five minutes.

We hope this guide will give you some clues about the basic features of TimeApp and how to implement this system. Remember that our website provides details on each section of TimeApp and that you can contact our customer service at any time.

Welcome to TimeApp!