It all started when a small company in Katrineholm, south-west of the Swedish capital Stockholm, was looking for some sort of product sales to complement the existing branches of publishing and consulting. Products in giveaways and promotional apparel were within the scope of the search. But nothing came up that felt quite right.

However, sometimes the solution is closer than you might expect, and in this story, it was stumbled upon when a growing number of colleagues and friends started to notice the internally developed, web-based and time-tracking application that the company was using.
Overwhelmed and inspired by the positive feedback, the strategic decision to commercialize the application was made during 2010, and TimeApp was born.

Many of you, I am sure, have heard of the various methods when it comes to software development, for example, SCRUM, FDD and AUP. But what about KISS?
In the process of developing and maintaining TimeApp, we apply the KISS method, which has roots that go all the way back to the Swedish Royal Family.

It originates from the current king’s uncle; Prince Bertil (1912-1997) and his wife Princess Lilian. The Prince, who was also nicknamed; motor-Prince, for his great interest in fast cars, often took part in major trade missions, international exhibitions and large conferences. He was considered a very entertaining and popular speaker.
Regularly, when it was time for him to get up on stage and make a speech, Princess Lilian patted his hand, smiled, and said;”Kiss, darling.”

There were many who noticed this and thought it was a nice, loving gesture by the Princess, and on one occasion a high business representative pointed this out to the Prince;

Your Royal Highness, it’s very nice of Princess Lilian to wish you luck when you’re about to give a speech.
– Good luck? If I should be so lucky. Kiss means; ”Keep it simple, stupid”, replied the Prince, laughing.

When we heard the story, we began to use the concept in different contexts. Not the least in the development of TimeApp. For us, the KISS method is about choosing the smartest, simplest and most efficient solutions, not to complicate things or make it more fancy than what it needs to be.

This is why TimeApp is a time-tracking application that has many sensible functionalities and satisfies many different needs.

This is why TimeApp is a free time-tracking application, and why it is referred to as TimeApp – All Included.

Thank you, Princess Lilian, for all the inspiration …