A law firm full of energy – that is how we can summarize Jennifer Loeb Cederwall and her law firm; Cederwalls International Law Firm.
We spoke to Jennifer to ask her some questions about TimeApp and how they are using our app. She told us that they found it while researching which time keeping programs were being used by law firms and which were compatible with their accounting system.

– We use all the time keeping features as well as the cross-over billing feature so that we can keep track of time recorded and billed.

Jennifer is an American attorney who moved to Sweden with her family. After 2 years of working for other law firms in the Stockholm area, she decided to open her own firm. Today they are specializing in corporate and tax matters. At Cederwalls it is a nice mix at the office of both Swedish and American attorneys working together.

– Having Swedish and American attorneys working together in the same office means that we can provide our clients with expertise help in a quick and inexpensive manner.

Jennifer and her colleagues represent over 350 clients in their personal and business needs with a focus on cross-border transactions and taxes.

– We are extremely happy with TimeApp. It is so user friendly that the attorneys do not hesitate to enter their time and we can easily see what time has been billed. We now see how much time we have lost in having a time keeping system that did not communicate with our accounting system.
– The best thing about TimeApp is how user friendly it is, both for the time keeper but also for the administrator.

We are really happy that Jennifer and her team are using TimeApp. Read more about Cederwalls International Law Firm here.


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