Are you a workaholic? Let me put it this way – are you ready to admit that you are a workaholic? Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with that. It is a good thing if you love what you do and you are devoted to it. However, it is important to draw a line between being busy and being productive or successful. The perfect workaholic is that one that finds ways to be more productive so he doesn’t have to be so busy.

But, how can one achieve this? Here are five things that could help you.

Schedule your email. Replying to emails instantly can be a good thing, but it often takes too much time. Rather than keeping an eye on your email constantly, plan when to do it during the day. Schedule an hour in the morning, half an hour after lunch and another 30 minutes at night and do your correspondence then.

Prioritise your tasks. Organise your to-do list by project, but within each by priority and size. Tackle the biggest task (or two) right after going through email; after that you can manage smaller tasks throughout the day. This will help you being productive before the morning is even over and, to be honest, you’ll just feel better.

Keep track of your time. TImeApp will help you with that – keep track of all your activities so you could know how and what to prioritise. In TimeApp, you can get a report of pretty much anything, from project summaries to detailed user logs, and all this helps you plan your work and be as productive as possible.

Go into “do not disturb” mode. When tackling with your tasks, it is important to stay focused. Answering the phone and checking emails is sometimes inevitable, but make sure you are tackling all the other distractions. It will make your life easier.

Take a break. Work is important, but there are more important things in life. Take time to do things that you like. This could be watching TV, reading a book or playing video games; whatever makes you happy.