It’s been five years since our cost and time effective system TimeApp came to life. At the beginning it was a simple web-based system that helped you keep track of your time and money. However, in these five years we’ve developed a number of different new features, including our two latest additions – QR scanner and receipt scanning feature. We offer a functionality, efficiency and user-friendly technical platform, which position us as one of the leading alternatives in this line of business. TimeApp owes a lot to its users as well, since your feedback has helped us improve our software and become even better.

To continue the development of TimeApp and to further increase customer benefits, we want to take the next step in TimeApps history. We do this with the goal to get even more satisfied users across the globe.

  • We will keep our policy on the single price for all our products and features, without any long-term commitments or starting fees. The freemium model however – in which the single user had access to all the features for free – will no longer exist.
  • The freemium model will be replaced with a demo-period of seven (7) days. During this week all new accounts will have complete access to all features and also have the option to register unlimited users.
  • We are introducing a brand new interactive support function within TimeApp. Combined with our mail support, which is free of charge, guarantees safe and fast service for our customers.

All these changes will be starting from June 23th 2016. Freemium users will be able to use all the features until September 1st and after that they will have to select one of our subscription plans.

Existing paid users will not be affected by these chances until their current subscription is scheduled for renewal, or when changes to the current subscription plan is made (e.g. increasing or decreasing number of users).

In the next six months we are planning to present a upgraded business model which will allow the customers to adjust TimeApp by their needs. We are planning to launch customized versions of TimeApp shaped by the needs of different businesses. That will include new features and integrations with various payroll softwares, as well as new discounts on long term subscriptions.

We at TimeApp hope that you will enjoy all these changes.