P&K TimeApp AB was a one-man enterprise until 7-8 years ago. Today we have about 10 permanent employees.

For a small, growing company where innovation is a key driver, it is important to have motivated, loyal and dedicated employees. To accomplish that, you have to – as an employer and a business – be attractive, exciting and innovative. You have to dare to be different, dare to choose new roads. Roads which may not always fall within the framework of accepted practices, existing laws and regulations or the expectations of our surroundings.

We want our employees to love their jobs, the work environment, their colleagues and know what goals we as a company work towards; Transparency and honesty are important keywords.

Our employees does all that; they like their work and can rejoice in the company’s success. Therefore, they do not want to be sick; they want to be at work and work. If or when they really get sick and have to stay at home, it seems absurd to pay a salary of 80% of their normal salary; something that is a standard in Sweden. Another standard is to reduce the salary by 100% during the first day of the illness. Of course, this is not something we do at P&K TimeApp AB.

If a loyal, faithful and committed employee happens to get sick, are we to rub salt in the wounds and reduce his / her daily income – why?

During all the years we have always paid 100% of the normal salary during illness; not a sick-salary of a mere 80%. We do not want to punish someone because he or she has become ill, we want to show appreciation, empathy and involvement.

The board of P&K TimeApp AB has decided that we will continue in this way throughout 2016/2017. In addition, the staff will get free dental care and free glasses. Obviously this must be followed up and evaluated. Obviously, we need to get separate, clear regulations on these benefits and obviously; we want to proceed with care and concern. For us, the staff comes first. The customer is important, but the fact is that the staff is most important.

We hope that more companies will dare to choose new ways of tackling their HR-policys. Tomorrow’s success is based on today’s courage to go out-of-the-box; to blow up the framework and create something new.