John Powell retired from his civil service job in June 2014 and two months later he started his own firm; MetrTech Consultancy. They provide consulting services tailored to the government (US) sector, with a focus on the niche markets of investigative technology and digital multimedia evidence management. We asked John how he found TimeApp;

– Being a sole proprietor and new start-up with virtually zero capital, I was looking for programs to help me manage my time, mileage, expenses, etc. for multiple clients at minimal cost. After trying a few disappointing programs, I found TimeApp via an internet search.
For John it was very easy to navigate and understand the system, it has facilitated his work because it keeps track of his work hours and the mobile app is especially useful for tracking mileage which has helped him a lot.
He is using TimeApp to track the time he spends on each of his clients, whether billable or not. He is also tracking mileage and travel expenses. For billing he is using theTimeApp invoicing system.

– TimeApp is an all around great application for tracking hours worked for multiple clients and projects. I am also very pleased with TimeApps Tech Support, they have always replied to my questions and helped me out.

We are really happy to have John as a customer and wish him all the best with his company.