Customer Testimonial – Kenan Mandra, Farmis LTD Sarajevo

Every now and then, we receive emails from customers who wish to highlight the advantages that they have experienced since implementing TimeApp.

Kenan Mandra, who has been the head of marketing for Farmis LTD Sarajevo has now opened his own clinic, explains how TimeApp has facilitated and saved enormous amounts of time, so that he now can focus more on important things rather than time-consuming and complex administration.

Tell us a little about yourself. Current work, interest etc.?

By profession I am a nutritionist. Currently I am working on a project where we are promoting a healthy lifestyle, and selling products for weight loss. I opened a private practice where I get clients who want to lose weight. We have got people employed in our call center who receive orders, and handles shipments to customers.

How did you hear about TimeApp?

I heard about it from a friend. I am currently experimenting with the application and I will soon begin to use it daily in my work.

Have you worked with other time tracking solutions before?

So far I’ve used Insightly. Previously I have used a variation of CRM applications.

Did you find it difficult to understand the various functions in TimeApp?

All functions are very clear and practical and I have no problem to understand and use all of them.

How has TimeApp facilitated your work?

I mean that the application will make the job easier. I will use my time resources more rationally. I plan to use the app as a basic program for my job so I keep records of clients and the time we spent on certain tasks.

Approximately, how many hours do you think you save on a weekly basis by using TimeApp?

It is still a bit early to say, but I’m sure it will save 6-8 hours a week.

And the final question, what is, in your opinion, the best thing about TimeApp?

The best thing: TimeApp is simple, logical and functional.

You can read more about Kenan and his company on or

6 Fun Facts About Kenan

Name: Kenan Mandra

Age: 33

Marital Status: Married

Favorite Country: Italy

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Drink: Orange juice