A long time has passed since my latest blog, so it is time to sit down and write a couple of lines.

In this post I will reflect on a company’s credibility (also called ethos in the rhetoric world ). How do different companies work with their credibility? We know very well that there’s an ocean of scam companies.

In the newspapers we read every day about various scam websites and fake invoices that circulate. This can be very difficult for a new, small and unknown company to get past, a few simple things you can do is to work with different customer statements and then link to their homepage – then you should, as a potential customer, always do some research on the company. Google is sometimes our absolute best friend.

We at TimeApp are very proud to have both Sörmlands Sparbank (Swedbank ) and SEB as partners (the two largest banks in Sweden) and now we are proud members of the British Swedish Chamber of Commerce in London. This gives us, who still are a small company, a lot of credibility. But the most important and best credibility of a company can get, is its customers, have a good relationship with your customers, solve the problems that arise as quickly as possible, then you have come a long way with the company’s ethos…

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