Happy Sveriges nationaldag

Today the Swedes are celebrating Sveriges Nationaldag – Swedish National Day. The tradition began back in 1916, in honour of the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, as this was considered the foundation of modern Sweden. However, it was not considered as the national holiday before 2005. For years, it was celebrated as the…


More than just Freemium

Thanks to the internet, the opportunity for companies to market and offer products and services has changed drastically. Today there is a wide range of free products and services being offered, where the customer decides whether he or she are willing to pay for a more extended version. This is called Freemium. According to Wikipedia’s…


Making the world your office

Checking emails from the beach and holding meetings wherever you heart takes you used to be a dream. No more traffic jams heading into the office, flexible work hours and being able to avoid “that person” in the office – all sound like compelling reasons to find a way to work from home or some…


Track Mileage and Save Money

Whether you own a large transportation company with your own fleet of vehicles or a small company with a couple of private cars, experience shows the key to success is keeping track of time and money. We at P&KTimeApp developed a feature to help you track mileage and actually save your time and money. As…


Receipt scanning is now available!

Since the beginning, TimeApp has been developed and updated based on our users’ requests and feedback, which is one of our key concepts. We are now pleased to announce the new user requested receipt feature for our time logs.   When using a code under the expense category, optional images and photos can be attached…


Welcome to the UK 2016

Let’s admit it, we all love business events. I mean, what is there not to like? Free wine and food, numerous networking opportunities, reuniting with some old friends and colleagues and meeting new ones. And all that comes in exchange of pretending that we are listening to three or four speakers for an hour. What…


QR-scanner in TimeApp

In just over a year we’ve managed to get users from all over the world. TimeApp is appreciated for its simplicity and its many useful functions. One of the fundamental ideas of our concept is to make TimeApp as optimal, user-friendly and simple as possible. That’s why we now have equipped our punch clock with…


Happy Summer!

There are places that have a lot more sun, places that are warmer and where the water is more pleasant than in Sweden. But we Swedes do love our summer anyway, we need it and we need our vacation. We need to recharge our batteries now and then, to keep our focus and to perform…


New features available in TimeApp

During the last couple of months we have been working on two new major features for TimeApp which we are proud to announce; Orders and Punch-clock. Punch-clock: This feature allows you to track the time worked by employees, mostly used for internal logging with support for multiple workplaces including geo-positioning – if enabled. Orders: Any…