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Time Tracking Software Trusted By Thousands

TimeApp is an online platform aimed at everyone who’s in need of tracking time and expenses in relation to Clients and Projects. It’s the perfect tool for lawyers, consultants, craftsmen and every other line of business where the need to track time and expenses is crucial.

What do the customers say

I feel TimeApps responsiveness and attitude is very positive. As a customer, it is nice to be treated well and be able to influence a positive development. Thanks to the easy-to-use mobile app, I can avoid a lot of paperwork and many unnecessary hours at the office. It doesn't get better than this!
Hasse Lennerman, Specialtjänst i Järfälla AB
TimeApp as a time management system is working very well for us. The specified time sheets work great as a base document for both court and client. TimeApps mobile app makes it possible for us to always access the system so that we never fail to track our time. Not least, TimeApp has an absolutely superb support that always delivers a solution.
Ann Andersson, Advokat Malin Wassén Kjellberg AB
Today we have better control of the entire company. It is reassuring that no manual mileage logs may disappear and we get a holistic view of the daily runs. TimeApp also has good statistical tools if we want to watch completed runs backwards in time.
Lars Sjöström, Sjöströms Åkeri AB

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